Following the Waders

Just for a change i decided to go to Carsethorn beach which is about fourteen miles from Dumfries to photograph

wading birds,i first scanned the beach with my binoculars to see what was around,there wasn't much around at all

apart from a couple of fishing Cormorants which were at a distance.I put my 600mm f4 L IS USM lens with my 1DX

attached along with a 1.4 converter on my tripod and set off along the beach and setup near the waterline and did

not have to wait long until a small group of Turnstones came wandering along the tideline and stopped right in front

of me,i focused on one of them and waited patiently for it to find some food,before long it had found a crab and was

trying to get hold of it,and it finally did as you will see from the shots i took.

Some days are better than others for bird numbers and you just have to keep going back and check what is around.

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