Otters on the River Nith

I began chasing after Otters on the river a few years ago and gave up on them as they

were too unpredictable to find on a regular basis.All that has changed since last November

when i began to see them regularly in one particular spot ,having said that they can still

be difficult to locate at any specific time of day,each day can vary as to when they appear.

Some days it may be early morning or into the afternoon before i spot them.

I am often asked by local people when is the best time to see them and i say between six

in the morning and six in the evening as it is impossible to give specific times ,that is nature

and you just have to be patient and wait,sometimes i will wait for several hours before

they appear,other times they may not appear at all and will not see them for several days.

That is true of all aspects of nature photography, a lot of time is spent waiting for the species.


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